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IAL Consulting Lender Advisory Services professionals are an experienced, specialized team within our Corporate Finance & Restructuring practice that focuses on all aspects of the lending decision-making process. Our clients include financial institutions, investment banks, hedge funds, commercial finance companies and other lenders who provide credit and credit support to a wide array of domestic and foreign-based companies operating across industries.

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As a specialty finance company, you face not only your own business challenges, but those of your clients. Our experience across a wide variety of customer types gives us insight into your business so we can support your success.

Our credit facilities can grow as you grow, and we can underwrite up to $2 million in lines of credit, which may help you expand your lending power.

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We can support a variety of business situations, including:

  • Growth
  • Acquisitions
  • Start-ups
  • Working capital
  • Warehouse facilities

Our Specialties

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Business services

Consumer products/retail finance





Technology finance


What We Can Do For You

For private companies with annual revenues in excess of $200,000, IALS’s Corporate Lending Department specializes in serving small, industry leading businesses with relationship-focused lending officers. Accompanying our wide variety of loan product offerings is a full array of value-added products and services, addressing all of your corporate lending needs.

Restaurant Industry

$250,000 funded to small restaurant in Chicago, IL, payback of $6,000/week. 


Manufacturing Company in Arizona approved for $750,000 to payoff existing loans and netted $290,000 to buy equipment. 

Specialty Sectors

Health Care & Technology


Healthcare Cash Flow Lending

Our expertise and deep understanding of this highly regulated and complicated market is what sets Ally Corporate Finance apart. We have a strong team of lenders and trusted advisors with access to resources that help us monitor the trends and regulatory pulse of this sector.


Technology Finance

Our team has over 30 years of experience providing financial solutions to venture-backed, technology-based companies. We understand that where a company starts is not always where it ends up. That’s why we look for value beyond the numbers and then provide rapid, straightforward and innovative financing


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